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 “Juniper Bush is basically a Winnipeg supergroup to us. They have members in every band we like! Their music is like listening to The Black Angels and Nirvana cut together but with the smoothest silk vocals”.

-David Dobbs, Vampires (band), MB

“... your set at Rainbow Trout was life changing... eye opening... a great mix of shoegaze and psych-rock. ”

-Justin Byggdin , Honey Days (band), MB

“Concert review: Oceanic walls of heart throbbing noise, immersive and potent but kind. Flashbacks to the first time I heard Loveless. Vocals sung sweetly and earnestly from the depths of being, where heaven and hell meet. Captivating and confusing stage antics, reminiscent of the VU and Suicide circa 1977. A band not to miss.”

-Michelle Lecnik, Trampoline (band), Winnipeg, MB

“... a shoegaze supergroup…”

-Julianna Capone, BeatRoute, AB/MB

"One of my favouritist bands to see live in Winnipeg!!!"

-Mandy, Man Candy (band), Winnipeg, MB

"Amazing! Fabulous! Simply Incredible! I'm flabberghasted!"

-Minrina Van Der Veen, Holy Void (band), Winnipeg, MB