"There's alot of psyche bands out there, but not many that can provoke your emotions and hook your attention like Juniper Bush...They completely crushed their last performance at our festival, it was powerful, beautiful and moving."

- Rainbow Trout Music Festival

Upcoming Shows - check back for updates

APRIL 3  @ The Good Will Social Club (Winnipeg, MB) - 'Healing Through A Sonic Figure' release party w/ Housepanther, Sam Singer

April 9 - Saskatoon, SK @ Amigos Cantina w/ Shirley & The Pyramids, Ancient Pig

April 10 - Calgary, AB @ The Palomino Smokehouse Social Club w/ Wine Lips, Little Lamb

April 11 - Edmonton, AB @ The Aviary w/Whoop-Szo London, ON), Wine Lips (TO), Faith Crisis(YEG), Dead Friends(YEG), Stripmall(Calgary), Gone Cosmic(Calgary)

April 12 - Regina. SK @ T+A Vinyl and Fashion w/ Devarrow (Halifax) 

April 17 - Selkirk, MB @ The Merch w/ Cheap Heat, Pilfered Goods

Past Shows


Feb 15 @ Manitoba 150 Forest Tent at Festival Du Voyageur 5:30pm


September 12 @ The Good Will Social Club (Winnipeg, MB) w/ Royal Canoe, Slow Spirit

September 6 @ The Merch (Selkirk, MB) w/ Zoon, Cheap Heat, Pilfered Goods

August 16 @ Rainbow Trout Music Festival (St. Malo, MB) 

June 8 @ The Handsome Daughter (Winnipeg, MB) w/ Snake River (Regina), Radiation Flowers (Regina), The Emu

May 11 @ Studio 91 (91 Albert, Winnipeg, MB) w/ Big Loser, Baseball Hero

April 20 @ Forth Cafe w/ Black Cloud, Danger Fuzz

April 6 @ The Handsome Daughter w/ Man Candy (album release), MOSA

February 14 @ The Park Theater w/ Thrill Thrill, Dizzy Mystics, Love Tongue 

January 19 @ Forth Cafe w/ The Vangoras, Ultramega 


September 15 @ The Handsome Daughter w/ Viva Non, Innocentgun

September 8 - Regina @ Swamp Fest

August @ Rainbow Trout Music Festival

June 23 @ The Pyramid Cabaret w/ Vampires, Homeward Bound, Ranchos Muerto

May 26 @ The Handsome Daughter w/ Tusk, Spacebutt

May 5 @ Forth Cafe for MUFFEST III + Mahogany Frog 20 year anniversary w/ Mahogany Frog, Ultra Mega, Sphagnum

April 20 @ Forth Cafe for Forth20 I w/ Black Cloud, Ultra Mega

March 23 @ X-Cues w/Rust Owl, Cannon Bros, Housepanther

February 15 @ The Handsome Daughter for Loveless III w/ Pout, Jaywood

February 3 @ The Handsome Daughter w/ Daniel Romano's Ancient Shapes, Mmmeats

Januray 20 @ Forth Cafe w/ Spacebutt, Hot Sewer



December 2 @ The Handsome Daughter w/ Snake River (Regina), A La Mode

~Fall Tour ~

November 2 - Saskatoon @ Sound & Silence Collective (Saskatoon) w/ Disgusto (Chile), Net

November 3 - Edmonton @ Bohemia w/ Dead Fibres, Fitness

November 4 - Regina @ Mercury w/ Snake River


September 11 @ The Handsome Daughter w/ Faith Healer (EDM), Housepanther

July @ Real Love Summer Festival (Real Love Winnipeg)

June 19 @ The Animal Shelter (r.i.p.) w/ Frigs(TO), Beth




Raibow Trout Music Festival 2019